Cyclo-cross nationals live!

My cartoon for the 1997 U.S. cyclo-cross nationals

A blast from the past: My cartoon for the 1997 U.S. cyclo-cross nationals in Colorado.

By Patrick O’Grady

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo (MDM) — The folks at USA Cycling advise that they will provide live streaming video of the elite men’s and women’s races on Sunday during the 2012 USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships in Madison, Wis.

We’ll embed the streaming-video code here at VeloNoise for anyone who’s interested, mostly to see whether we can blow up our free WordPress account. And as Sunday looks like a slow day — as in “snow day” — check back post-race for a brief recap of the day’s action, at a deep discount straight from the back of the VeloNoise Forester with the serial numbers filed off.

Depending upon conditions technological, physiological and meteorological we may also chime in with a word or two about the Belgian national cyclo-cross championships, which you can also watch via streaming video, thanks to, if you’re not sleeping off a Stella Artois bender or riding your own damn’ bike.

And finally, if you’re out and about with a better view of the action than we have, feel free to chime in via email (velonoise (at) gmail (dot) com. We’ll be happy to throw it against the wall and see if it sticks.



4 Responses to “Cyclo-cross nationals live!”

  1. flahute Says:

    Yeah, I’m looking forward to this …

  2. Larry T. Says:

    Great news! Make and sell some t-shirts with the VeloNoise logo and slogan on the front and “I didn’t know sh@# until I started reading VeloNoise, now I’m full of it!” on the back. I’ll buy some.

  3. James Says:

    What Larry says!

  4. swellschultzswell Says:

    I’ll take a sh**t or two!

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