Free-range pissers and Angry Birds

Simon Burney, author of “Cyclo-cross,” is a Facebookin’ fool as ’cross worlds approach this weekend in Koksijde.

Cribbing from a preview by Brecht Decaluwé, Burney notes: “Koksijde: 40,000 fans, 30,000 litres of beer, 215 toilets, 8 big screens, 10km of fencing, 1500 volunteers. 2 million euro budget.”

A few moments later he followed that up with: “So that’s 186 fans per toilet, or 1 each if you consider the fact that Belgians never bother with them.”

Meanwhile, we have it on good authority that Katie Compton is letting some steam off before the big race by killing pigs. As long as you eat what you kill, Ms. C. Thanks and a tip of the VeloNoise cycling cap to MrKatieCompton on Twitter, a.k.a. Compton’s husband, Mark Legg.


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One Response to “Free-range pissers and Angry Birds”

  1. Khal Spencer Says:

    Virtually killed pigs. Do you virtually eat them?

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