Good news and bad news

UCI cyclo-cross worlds logoBy Patrick O’Grady

First, the bad news: If you’re planning to pop round the UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships on Sunday, score yourself a ticket and waltz on through the gate to watch the big dogs bark, well, fuhgedaboudit, as they say in Flemish. The Community Board of Koksijde has decided there will be no ticket sales at the gate on race day (though sales continue through Saturday at various locations).

And now, the good news: Chances are you’re not in Belgium anyway, so you can watch the whole enchilada — pardon, the whole beer-and-frites — via streaming Innertubes video courtesy of

Juniors and U-23s race Saturday, while elite women and men race Sunday.  Everything starts appallingly early, so don’t forget to set the alarm for dark-thirty. In the meantime, Sporza has served up a little video starring Peter Paul Herygers — who won his world title here back in 1994 — to whet the appetite.

• Late update: Also, Richard Fries is in-country and blogging. He reports that Sven Nys has been holding his fire as regards test-rides while defending champ Zdenek Stybar is killing it (and probably his mechanic, too). Sand is to drivetrains as Republicans are to democracy.


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